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We invite you to participate in the seventh conference of the European Charge Density Meeting series ( ECDM 7), organized in Warsaw (Poland). This is a continuation of previous meetings held in Nancy (1996, France), Sitges (1999, Spain), Sandbjerg Estate (2003, Denmark), Brandenburg on the Havel (2006, Germany), Gravedona (2008, Italy) and Štrbské Pleso (2012, Slovakia).

During the previous meeting at Štrbské Pleso (2012), we have offered to organize the next ECDM conference in Poland in the year 2015. It appeared however, that quite a few important conferences in our field (Sagamore and ECDM + ECA Congress in Croatia) were being organized in 2015. To avoid a clash and following the advice from the IUCr Charge, Spin and Momentum Commission and from the ECA SIG2 Charge, Spin and Momentum Density members, we have decided to shift organization of ECDM-7 to the year 2016. Most of the conferences in our field have been organized for many years back in some very interesting, but remote places, sometimes quite difficult to reach. This made it challenging to achieve good attendance. We have therefore decided to organize ECDM-7 at the University of Warsaw, Ochota Campus, which is located ca. 10 minutes from the airport by taxi.

Similarly to previous conferences, we would like to present the latest results focused on charge density studies both experimental and theoretical., However, following advices from our Committees we would like to accent more methodological, particularly statistical problems, resulting from latest advances in experimental hardware and software development, including large scale facilities. The list of covered topics includes: advances in data analysis, understanding dynamics of atoms and structures, progress in using large scale facilities, charge densities in: crystal engineering, materials science, in life sciences, of inorganic materials and minerals, charge densities at extreme conditions, charge densities beyond single crystal approach, charge densities towards classical structural analysis, physical applications of charge densities, methods beyond charge densities, also different aspects of spin and momentum density.

Our ambition as organizers is also to present new emerging fields such as, for example, electron microscopy, to begin and strengthen possible collaboration between members of our community and experts in electron microscopy.

We wanted to avoid lectures by those of our colleagues who have had this opportunity at the conferences within last 2-3 years, but even so, the selection of invited talks is very difficult task, as the whole field is very lively and rich. We would like to express our warmest thanks to all our invited speakers who have already accepted our invitation. In fact the full program of the conference is still under construction.

As the meeting venue we have chosen the Centre of New Technologies, a new institute of the University of Warsaw, well equipped in all needed facilities. The end of June in Warsaw is usually very sunny and pleasant and there is an abundance of the historical and cultural attractions. As a part of the social program will organize excursions showing the beauty of the city and its rich history. It is worth to come a few days before or stay after the conference to see attractions of the polish capital or other places in Poland. The meeting will take place from Sunday afternoon of the 26th June 2016, to the afternoon of the 1st July 2016.

We would especially like to attract newcomers to our field: young PhD students, young researchers and even students, as this would strengthen foundation of our future. Therefore, we are extremely grateful to Prof. Wolfgang Scherer and Prof. Mark Spackman, who have kindly agreed to present contributions on the history of the European Charge Density Meetings and on the milestones in the development of charge density studies.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee , we invite you to ECDM 7 in Warsaw.
Prof. Krzysztof Woźniak and Dr hab Paulina Dominiak
Chair and Vice-chair of the Organising Committee

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